rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; 1968 Mustang GT; suntans; beautiful people; classic cars



From 1970s Los Angeles

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Step Back in Time

Remember cruising Van Nuys Boulevard in the 1970’s? Besides my passion for building woodie wagons, I have also devoted a great deal of time to my photography and artwork in different mediums. These are just a few of the memories I have captured on film that bring back the good ól days in the 1970’s.

My Background

In the spring of 1972, on a tip from a friend, who had recently started work at, the now legendary, ‘Corky’s Restaurant’ on Van Nuys Boulevard, I set out to document the renewed and vibrant cruising scene on that boulevard.

The Summer of 1972…

Explore the dynamic youth culture and iconic car cruising scene of 1972 Southern California through the lens of then-twenty-six-year-old photographer Richard “Rick Mack” McCloskey.

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