Van Nuys Windows

Images by Richard ‘Rick Mack’ McCloskey

The ‘Boulevard’ hummed with the Wednesday night cruising crowd, and behind the windows of the stores and businesses there was a different world indeed. Ice Cream parlors, jewelry stores, car dealerships, people deeply involved in dancing lessons, myriads of clothes, trinkets, mannequins of all sorts, hair styles and statues, diners, even hospital patients, all with superimposed reflections of the signs and lights on the street at night. Each one of these unique compositions represents some snippet of American life at the time. I did my best in the moment to capture many of the different, wonderful, very authentic, people playing out their own small part, ‘live,’ in those unscripted scenes and experiences. A wealth of genuine frozen moments of a time gone by.


rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; shop windows; ford showroom

‘Ford Showroom 72’ – VN Blvd.-093-29

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; shop windows; Farrell's shop

‘Farrell’s Fan’ – VN Blvd.-014-24A

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; western wear store; mannequin; horse; riding boots

‘Western Wear Window’ – VN Blvd.-081-14A

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