Rockin’ & Rollin’

Images by Richard ‘Rick Mack’ McCloskey

Movement was the essence of cruising. I shot this collection of images to convey, as best I could, that feeling of constant motion on the street. Many of the pictures became complete abstractions, but they deliver the needed perception of tempo, movement, and dynamism prevalent on the boulevard in 1972. At the time, all of our perceptions were fleeting and momentary, but the camera has frozen those lost moments forever. After living with these photographs for so many decades, I do wonder whether my mental perceptions of that time and place are only my own, ‘Hollywood,’ re-creations. Having this collection of images has certainly kept those times alive for me.

I continue to work on the editing of these images with the idea of improving their final presentation in the form of prints, both as ‘giclee’ and in genuine ‘silver.’


rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; mustang; pony; 1970s; classic cars

‘Pony Ride’ – VN Blvd.-007-34A

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; volkswagen beetle; flames; joy riding; cruising

‘Flamin’ – VN Blvd.-021-4

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; motorcycles; choppers; joy riding

‘Boulevard Ride’ – VN Blvd.-027-11

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