The Crew

Images by Richard ‘Rick Mack’ McCloskey

Nightlife on the boulevard wouldn’t be complete without recognition of the many individuals who were there because they had jobs in the myriad of businesses along Van Nuys Boulevard. This selection of images is a shout out to all of the people who were working, not cruising. I wonder, would they have been there if it wasn’t part of their work? In many ways, they kept the scene going.

Among the large number of differing occupations visible in my collection of photographs are, waitresses, PBX machine operators, cashiers, gas station attendants, new and used car salesmen—mostly men, police, firemen, store clerks, mechanics, cooks, and counter workers. I could go on, but I’ll allow the pictures to speak for themselves.


rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; classic cars; car dealership salesman; 1970s

‘Salesman After Dark’ – VN Blvd. film pos#21

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; working on car; service; classic car; Packard; 1970s

‘Packard Legs’ – VN Blvd.-085-5-A

rick mccloskey; van nuys boulevard 1972; mcdonalds; fast food counter; 1970s

‘The Rush’ – VN Blvd.-065-1

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