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Great photographs should be seen and appreciated in the form of prints. When properly produced, a fine art print of a quality photographic image always delivers the most detail, the largest tonal range, and the widest intellectual and emotional experience for any viewer. There is no better way to step into an image than looking at an excellent print.

There exists a long tradition of fine ‘darkroom’ printing in traditional gelatin silver emulsions on natural fiber-based paper. Images rendered in genuine silver have a remarkable, some would say, ‘unmatched,’ visual quality, as well as the some of the best archival longevity. Although less available today, genuine silver prints are still highly prized additions to any ‘black and white’ photography collection.

In recent years, there has been an amazing technical revolution in new printing processes, mainly with the various ‘inkjet’ printing systems. Through the use of ever-more precise computer editing programs coupled with modern, and technically amazing, ‘cutting edge,’ inkjet printers, absolutely marvelous prints are now possible without spending long hours in a darkroom. Inkjet (also referred to as ‘pigment’, or ‘giclee’) prints are also surprisingly archival, and they should last at least a lifetime, and perhaps longer.

An even more advanced combined system of printing genuine silver darkroom prints through digital/laser exposure methods is now available. These systems allow for fabulous genuine silver prints to be produced from very precisely edited digital files. Perhaps the best of both worlds?

I have produced fine art prints utilizing all three of the systems mentioned above. Excellent ‘Pigment,’ inkjet, prints of my images in different sizes are regularly available on request. My genuine silver prints are special order only. The silver images are printed in limited editions.

All of my prints are priced for collectors of fine art photography. Please contact me through the form below to discuss your interest in my prints, request sizes and prices, mounting and framing options, or just to chat about the Van Nuys series of photographs, or the 1970s, or photography in general. I am always interested in hearing about the experiences of other people during those years.

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